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Burn That! 20 kilos in 8 weeks (Chuiko Alex)

Burn That! 20 kilos in 8 weeks

Losing 20 kilos in 8 weeks might seem an impossible mission but with this book things will will be made smooth and easy. Your personal "Burn That" will help you record your progress. Besides presenting the system of effective weight loss, the author discloses the secrets of keeping the weight off and feeling great.

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Burn That! 20 kilos in 8 weeks :

Burn That! 20 kilos in 8 weeks

Burn That! 20 kilos in 8 weeks

Losing 20 kilos in 8 weeks might seem an impossible mission but with this book things will will be made smooth and easy. Your personal "Burn That" will help you record your progress. Besides presenting the system of effective weight loss, the author discloses the secrets of keeping the weight off and feeling great.

Alex Chuyko Burn That! 20 kilos in 8 weeks

First of all, I would like to thank my parents for having brought up the author of this book the way they did. Mother and Father, please accept these words of gratitude from your loving son.
I would also like to thank my wife and daughter for being the best home-makers I could ever imagine. Because of your invaluable work, I have been able to focus on creating this book in an environment of peace and comfort!
You are my most beloved among all the people in this world. In fact, I appreciate all my relatives, friends and acquaintances (those who supported me in this project as well as those who did not), as all of you have played a part in this book reaching fruition!
Finally, I thank God for all the good fortune he has bestowed on me. I could not ask for more blessings.

Print media, various video courses and online articles are full of eye-catching headlines promoting the idea of losing weight without effort, or losing weight without even abstaining from unhealthy or high-calorie food. Some of them promise weight loss within 2-3 days, exploiting our wish to have a perfect beach body overnight.
In this book, I share my personal experiences in losing 20 kilos in 8 weeks! And since a great number of people send me letters asking me to share my experiences I want to tell you what I did to achieve this. When people meet me, they want to know how I managed not only to lose weight within a short period of time, but how I was able to take part in a bench press contest and fulfill the requirements for becoming a Master of Sports candidate. Most people firmly believe that weight loss exhausts the body and depletes its resources, but I prove the opposite! The system described in this book will teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle that will provide you with not only slim waist, but, more fundamentally, the feeling that you are healthy, strong and attractive!


Welcome, dear friend! The unique book youre holding in your hands will help you lose weight and look the way youve always dreamed. Moreover, you will be able to achieve this ambition within a short space of time. Youre probably asking: Who can guarantee such a result? My answer: I can. Thats because I went through the experience Im going to tell you about myself. At the peak of my zero attractiveness, I weighed 114 kilograms, and my waist was 98 centimeters. My goal wasnt trivial weight decrease, involving the loss of both fat and muscles. That method has tragic consequences, including a weakened immune system and worst of all brittleness of bones that can develop without you noticing. In fact, generally speaking, losing weight exclusively by diet or exhausting physical activity has disastrous effects on ones health.
You dont have to run 10 kilometers every day, and theres certainly no need for a 3-kilometer swimming race. You wont need to keep a mono-diet and eat only apples, drink only tea, or even worse consume diuretics! I chose a different method for myself. Ive been doing sports since early childhood. When I was six years old, my father insisted that I start going in for sports. At first it wasnt all roses. I hated exercise, and I would find whatever excuse I could for refusing to do them. But after a while there were fewer and fewer excuses. Due to my fathers strictness, I hardly missed workouts. My first achievements date back to when I was twelve years old, and I did 200 push-ups in one go.
My father brought me to a boxing school, and it was then that I took up kickboxing and Thai boxing. I won many awards at both regional and national championships, and Ive been the best kickboxer in Ukraine for three years now. For nine championship tournaments in a row, nobody could defeat me. I also had the privilege of being trained by the best coaches in the country: Volyn, Avdievsky, Veduta, Yarema and Shevchenko. Thanks to the efforts of my coaches, Ive achieved true excellence in sports. I have won the Ukrainian championships in boxing and Thai boxing. Then, at the age of nineteen, I founded my own martial arts school, which remains popular up to this day.
Throughout my life, I was guided by good mentors, including my father, mother, friends, coaches, university teachers, and, of course, my beloved wife and daughter. So now, I want to be your mentor in this delicate matter. I completed several courses on nutrition, read thousands of articles, watched hundreds of videos courses, read dozens of books, and talked to innumerable people who had accomplished the slimming down mission before I understood that I had enough knowledge to share with others. Thus, Ive had the idea of creating a book. Today, Im ready to direct and guide you as you move toward that cherished goal!
At the moment I am actively engaged in a power triathlon and am planning to achieve good, long-term results. And that means that I cant afford to let my health deteriorate by losing weight in an unhealthy way. My task is to retain the muscle mass I have built, and preserve and strengthen the health my body has acquired. By reading this book, you will learn how I achieved this. I will tell you about all the obstacles I had to overcome from the beginning to the very end. I will also give you recommendations you will find useful. When I started the mission that I would successfully accomplish, I told all my friends that I was ready to share everything I knew and had done to achieve the results, because after 4 weeks I had slimmed down by 11.6 kg, and my waist had decreased by no less than by 9 cm. And Id achieved that in just 4 weeks. After 5 weeks, I had lost as much as 13.9 kg, and my waist had slimmed by 10 cm. At the same time, I was retaining maximum muscle mass and didnt feel weakened. My achievements were well supported by the results I demonstrated in a power triathlon, which meant that my weight had decreased, but my power and endurance remained the same! It was proof that despite the weight loss, Id managed to keep the muscles while losing the FAT!
Throughout my life I have tried to help my friends with advice. They could see my results, and Im happy to say that those results have inspired others. Nevertheless, I always understood clearly that occasional advice cannot be as valuable as a systematized list of specific recommendations. And I began to think about devising a course that would provide 100% of the answers to all the questions I had ever encountered. I wanted that course to be not just another philosophical theory but a clear guide to turning intentions into actions! Nothing in this book has been presented randomly. I am literally responsible for every sentence and every word in this book, as I myself have experienced everything I describe.
I believe that those who are able to force themselves to lose weight will have the right to claim the status of great achievers. So, dear friends, I would like to finish my introduction with the following message. It does not matter how many kilos you need to lose: for one person, the goal might be to lose 3-5 kilos, while for someone else its 10-12, and there are also those who aim to drop 20-30 kilos of extra weight. You will surely achieve it, but under one condition: dont give up. Just be aware that you deserve the best the very, very best! and once you achieve it, nobody will be able to take it away from you. So, follow my recommendations, and I have no doubt youll reach your goal!
In our lives, we come across a lot of people who talk and talk about some time in the future when theyre going to change their lives. But as we can see, they dont go beyond intentions. Our task is to strive for the best, for the goal, and if you promise yourself right now that this very summer youll be the most attractive looking person on the beach, let it happen! To win, you need to forget the give-up option. Good luck, and lets begin!


The first thing you need to do is to set the departure point and the point of arrival.
To start, measure your weight. If you dont have scales at home, buy them. This is mandatory, since you should weigh yourself only on one and the same scales (different scales might differ in their accuracy by 1-2 kilos, sometimes even more). Otherwise, you might see that according to the scales at your friends house you measure 70 kilos, and after a week when youve purchased your own scales you weigh 70 kilos again. In that case you might feel discouraged and give up before you start, while the error was really due to those very 2 kilos, which you actually dropped a super result you wouldnt even know of. So record your results! The first thing we do is purchasing scales. But dont jump on them. You have to remember that scales are not a toy that can be used at any time. Sure, its great fun when the house is full of guests, and everybody wants to know everyones weight. On announcing the results, some people might have to endure quite unpleasant remarks from insensitive friends. Remember that scales are your personal body weight-measuring machine. Checking weight requires accuracy. You should therefore weigh yourself once within a certain period of time. Well do it once a week. Once youve bought the scales, theres no need to wait until Monday or the 1st of next month. Keep in mind that the day after you buy the scales, you should start losing weight its the rule you have to follow! If you dont start acting within 72 hours, youll never start! By the way, I started writing the book youre holding in your hands the day after Id decided to write it, and the result is tangible. If I hadnt kept to the rule, you wouldnt have this indispensable guide. So lets review this point again: you have to weigh yourself at the same time every 7 days. This should be in the morning, just after you get up. Stand on the scales, either naked or in just your underwear. Dont mix this up! Immediately after you wake up you should go to the scales. Remember: scales must always stand in the same spot, because the unevenness of the floor can cause inaccuracy, and we regard every 100 grams as important for our records. By the way, inside this book theres a Burn That Diary for recording all your data, including your weight.
Okay. So youve gotten up early, youve had nothing to eat or drink yet, and you havent even gone to the toilet because you immediately went to stand on the scales and record your weight in the Burn That Diary. Next to your initial weight there is another column under the headline target: here you have to put down your goal weight, i.e., the weight you want to have.
Now, lets sort out the issue of real vs. unreal goals. For example, for a girl whose height is 160 cm and who leads a sedentary lifestyle, the ideal weight will be 50 kg. But no less! If the same woman is engaged in active sports, it means that the percentage of muscle mass is above average, so her ideal weight would be 55 kg. You can see certain patterns here: if the girls height is 150 cm, her ideal weight is 40-45 kg. If the girl is 170 cm, her weight should be no less than 60 kg (otherwise, she will look anorexic). For men, the proportion is a little bit different: if the man is 160 cm, then his normal weight ranges from 60 to 65 kg. For the man whose height is 170 cm, the normal weight is 70-75 kg, and the man who is 180 cm tall would look great if he weighed 80-85 kg. Guys who are 190 cm and above should weigh 90-95 kg. Yes, just like that! Now you know what your goal is! If you are a girl whose height is 165 cm and whose weight is 70 kg today, your goal is 52.5 kg if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, whereas the athlete can set a goal of 57.5 kg. And this goal must be written down in the column target.
So, I hope youre not heading to the kitchen yet because weve got a lot of work to do! There are many empty entries in your Burn That Diary to be filled. Next, we have the following to discuss: neck measurement. Its difficult to recommend something specific here. Well, I guess you have to switch on your imagination and visualize it. If your neck is now 35 cm, what would you look like if its circumference were 30 cm? If you want to lose 5 kg weight, its silly to hope you will be able to reduce the size of your neck by 5 cm, so the objective will be losing 2 cm. But if your goal is to shed 20-30 kg, then you can expect to lose 7-8 cm in neck circumference. Record your current neck size. Its time to move on.
Next, measure the circumference of your shoulder girdle. At first you may find it inconvenient to measure yourself, but I think success depends on your ability to focus on losing weight. I believe in you, and I believe that you will be able to overcome any difficulty, because its just silly and unacceptable to justify the rejection of the idea of weight loss by an inability to adjust to measuring yourself. Of course, men take pride in the size of their shoulder girdle and, naturally, they will expect minimal losses in this muscles group, while ladies will be striving for maximum decrease in this area. So, just to give you a guide, at every 5-7 kg of weight loss there will be decrease of 1-2 cm in the shoulder girdle. Record the current size of the shoulder girdle, then set yourself a goal! Go ahead.
Next, you need to measure your chest circumference. Girls are naturally greater experts than guys when it comes to measuring chest size, but in general, theres nothing to be confused about. The excess fat can be visible at the back, under the arms and on the chest. Of course, the volumes arent comparable with the excess waist fat, but still you might expect to lose a little more than half of what you eventually lose in the waist (and the waistline and midriff area will be discussed below). It means that if you intended to reduce your waist by 10 cm, your chest circumference would decrease by 5-6 cm. Record the current size in the Burn That Diary, and set your target size next to the entry! Go ahead.
Next, measure the circumference of your arms at the biceps and triceps at the moment of maximum muscle tension. This is important because when you lose the excess fat it will be replaced with muscle, so the tension plays a significant part. The circumference of your arms will differ greatly from person to person, so evaluate the expected loss approximately. Again, remember that you define your goals, and theres nothing wrong with you if the actual results turn out a little different. But the goal absolutely has to be set because you have to attain the weight you planned for, and you have to have the waist you wanted too. Everything else should only be regarded as a guideline. Ultimately, I recommend that since today you start to record your measurements every 7 days. Give serious consideration to this, because its not uncommon for our acquaintances to flatter us when telling us we look great. Its important to understand that the people around us are like our mirrors. So if you change, the reflection will change too. You will turn into a different person, and most likely you will have new friends, as the old ones wont match the new you. I will talk in detail about this later, so stay tuned. After measuring your arm circumference, set a goal! Move ahead!

And now, lets have a look at your waistline. When measuring your waist, position your abdomen correctly, stand straight, and dont suck in your belly or bulge it outward. Check your torso for the narrowest place thats the waist (dont measure too low on the sides, as youll be measuring whats called the abdominal zone, which will be measured later). The waist and abdomen area must be measured when you stand in front of the mirror. Its impossible to adequately estimate the size of your waist without a mirror, because you will surely bend while measuring and thereby increase your waistline by 1-2 cm. The mirror reflection will be more than helpful to avoid mistakes in measurement. Its much easier to be precise when talking about your expected waist perimeter as compared to arms or neck measurements, for example, because we can be certain that a slender female waist is 60-70 cm, depending on the height. For example, if the girl is 155 cm tall, then her waist should not exceed 60 cm. If she is 165 cm, then her waist circumference should be less than 65 cm. For girls whose height is 170-175 cm, a waistline of 70 cm may look slim and nice. Accordingly, the taller the person is, the greater the waist perimeter. The measurements for men are slightly different and reach 75-85 cm depending on the height. That is, a man who is 170 cm tall should strive for a waist size of 75 cm. If his height is 180 cm, the waist measurement should show 80 cm, and those men who are 190 cm and above will look healthy and handsome with a waist size of 85 cm. Please note that if your goal is losing 5 kg, then you will not be able to reduce your waist by 10 cm. If you want to reduce your weight by 5 kg, then you can expect a loss of 3-4 cm in the waist. If your goal is losing 10 kg, then you will shed 7-8 cm in the waistline area. If you decide to lose 20-30 kg, then you can reduce your waist by 16-22 cm. Record your current waistline in the Burn That Diary, set your target and move on!